I submitted this little doodle to Loopdeloop’s CHILDHOOD theme. It’s always fun to see how everyone interprets the same topic. Go check ’em all out ...

14 Sep 2014

Good Grief, it’s a movie!

It is with great pleasure and a large helping of nerves that I have released my film baby to the world today. Please watch, share ...

7 Apr 2014

Rainy day

I was quietly surprised and very pleased to discover this week that I’ve been listed by Raindance Film Festival as an Aussie film-maker to watch. ...

22 Jan 2014

Rough as GUTS

I’ve teamed up with the good people of Monster & Bear Productions in Brunswick. Here’s a little claymation intro I made recently for their upcoming ...

8 Jun 2013


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented Elle and Carolyn of Pozible.  They came over, we chatted about ...

22 May 2013

Anything’s Pozible

In 2013 I ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign for my short film project Good Grief.  It was an absolute trip to see how many ...

22 Mar 2013

Alternate endings

I rediscovered some earlier draft designs for my LEGO piece during a hard drive cleanup – here’s one of my faves.

15 Dec 2012

News flash

I was recently on the ABC TV news talking about my new film Good Grief – you can see the full story on the ABC ...

8 Oct 2012
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Dirty Bert is loose…

Earlier this week I released the full version of my two minute short claymation film The Batchelor Experience from 2010 online in thanks for a bunch ...

25 Aug 2012