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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented Elle and Carolyn of Pozible.  They came over, we chatted about crowdfunding Good Grief, Gomez stuck his nose in everything and we all ate cupcakes. Good times.

As an Ambassador to the Pozible network I’m very happy to pass on my experience and advice about how the campaign for Good Grief went, and what was involved. You can grab some of my hot tips over at GiveMeABreak, an arts blog run by my good friend Christie W of Animo studios.


Earlier this year I was asked to design a piece for LEGO’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in

Australia. Awesome. No, really. Best gig ever.

The theme was ‘Play’, and I came up with the ‘Mocktopuss’, a deep sea creature who was afflicted with the need for scuba gear and a fear of seaweed. It stemmed from a game I play with my boyfriend where we go hunting for supercute snack food packaging from asian grocery stores.

You can see some of the other pieces included in the Festival of Play on the official website, and read all about the artists involved. Thanks LEGO and thanks OneGreenBean for an excuse to muck around with one of my favourite toys.