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I was recently on the ABC TV news talking about my new film Good Grief – you can see the full story on the ABC website.

The Pozible crowdfunding campaign for the film runs until October 12, so if you feel at all inclined to help us out you can find out more here.

Earlier this week I released the full version of my two minute short claymation film The Batchelor Experience from 2010 online in thanks for a bunch of lovely people sending me money to make a new film. Go and watch it!

It’s time to introduce you to my new film project. I’m currently in development on a short stop-motion documentary called “Good Grief”. I’m taking a look at how losing something or someone important can lead to a bunch of positive change in your life… I’ll be interviewing a wide range of people and asking them how they have benefited as a result of losing something they love. It’s going to be a very rewarding project for me and I’m really chuffed to be working with my great producer Jonno Katz to see this baby through!

You can find out more about Good Grief on the website.