The Batchelor Experience

A life of taste or a taste of life?

As a successful and well-groomed business man, Albert has long since left behind his slovenly youth and halcyon days of drinking beer in his underpants. Until now.

Albert responds to a pamphlet he receives inviting him to lunch at the exclusive restaurant ‘The Batchelor Experience’. Whilst nervous at first, Albert soon gives in to his repressed desire to behave like a complete slob.

The Batchelor Experience is about listening to the little voice inside your head that tells you what you really need. In a world that rewards obedience, discipline, self-restraint and temperance, it’s easy to forget that sometimes it just feels good to be bad.

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Film Details

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Film Completed June 2010

Writer/Director/Animator Fiona Dalwood

Voice Cast AJR Traill

Sound Designer James Orr

Language English

Running Time 2 min 04 sec

Country of Origin Australia