The Comeback



Like many smart people, Angus suffers from thinking too much. After being humiliated as a young man, Angus must learn the hard way that to move on you have to let go.

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About the film

I made The Comeback as a student film in 2010 as I was studying for my Graduate Diploma of animation at Melbourne’s renowned film school at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). This was my first major attempt at 2D animation and also represented my switch from Flash to ToonBoom Studio. The film has been digitally drawn using a wacom tablet straight into Photoshop and ToonBoom. It was composited in AfterEffects and edited on AVID.

2010 was a watershed year for me. I had spent the previous ten years working as a graphic designer to pay the rent when all I really wanted to do was practice my art. I was weary and heartsick, having spent most of my twenties watching my mother’s health slowly deteriorate due to the effects of ovarian cancer. When we found out her cancer had returned for the third time in 2009 I realised that I would need to be kind to myself in the coming year in order to make it through a very bleak period. I saved like a demon and applied to the film school I where I had always dreamed of studying animation. The idea for ‘The Comeback’ came to me as I faced the knowledge that in order to move on in life, you have to let the small stuff go.

‘The Comeback’ suffers a little from a scatty brain and the worry of those terrible months before, during and after her passing. But I am very proud of myself for having the courage to see this project through and will always remember the comfort I found in those endless hours of drawing. There’s a lot of myself in our protagonist Angus, from the nerdy kid who feels alienated by his own inner workings to the obsessive perseverance towards ideas that sometimes just aren’t worth it. But I love him all the same, and I hope you do too.


Film Details

where to buy Pregabalin online Film Completed 2010
go to link Writer/Director/Animator Fiona Dalwood
click here Voice Cast Drew Wilson, Renae Shadler
Original score composed by Katie Weston
Sound Designer James Orr
Running Time 7 min 54 sec
Country of Origin Australia

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