Creative State

source url Commissioned for: Creative Victoria


provigil to buy Commissioned for: Creative Victoria

Empathy Some days only dog can save you


I say, make it three fingers of Earl Grey, what Ho!

Rough as Guts

I’ve teamed up with the good people of Monster & Bear Productions in Brunswick. Here’s a little claymation intro I made recently for their upcoming web series ‘Rough as guts’, a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their incredible music videos. No bears were harmed in the making of this animation*.


*Not actually true.


My current animation showreel


Made for LoopdeLoop’s February 2013 theme ‘Sports’. This is really more like a self-portrait, circa 1994.

Gomez, are you hungry?

Rotoscoping my Boston Terrier

Loopdeloop - Hollywood from FiDalwood on Vimeo.


Made for Loopdeloop’s ‘Hollywood‘ challenge

Good Grief

Good Grief is my latest short film project about what we gain from losing something we love. Find out more here.

The Batchelor Experience

The Batchelor Experience is my short film from 2010.


Ecotopia is an environmental lifestyle program that aired on Melbourne’s community television Channel 31 in July 2012


Made for Loopdeloop’s theme ‘Liquid

Cheese Dreams

Made for Loopdeloop’s ‘Cheese Dreams‘ challenge

Comments Troll

Ever wonder who that guy with the budget vocabulary really is?

Baby Button

A short animated doodle I made for Secret Handshake’s challenge ‘Babies’ in 2010. It won! Secret Handshake is now known as Loopdeloop.

The Flavour Escapes Me

A short film I made in 2009

The Comeback

Teaser trailer to The Comeback (2010)

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